World Leprosy Day

On the last Sunday of January, every year, Aifo and its groups in Italy together with its international partners, celebrate the World Leprosy Day (WLD). WLD was estbalished by Raoul Follereau in 1954. Aifo activities related to the WLD already start in December, linked with the World Disability Day on 3 December, and continue till February.

Last WLD was celebrated on Sunday 28January 2018.

Preparatory activities of WLD included a private audience of the Aifo groups and representatives with the Holy Pope in Vatican city, held on 6 December 2017.

A key activity for the WLD is the sale of “honey of solidarity” by the AIFO volunteers in around one hundred city squares by Aifo volunteers to raise the funds for Aifo’s activities. This is also an opportunity to raise awareness among the general public about the different themes of Aifo’s work inspired by the ideals of Raoul Follereau such as human dignity, equality of people, access to human rights and universal brotherhood.

Different groups of AIFO all over Italy organise other local activities in their own cities for fund-raising and awareness building, such as cultural programmes, meetings in schools and exhibitions.

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