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In Italy, Aifo organises activities of Development Education. These activities are organised through the different Aifo groups spread all over Italy.

Aifo is a grassroots organization with members spread all over Italy. In 2016, there were 43 official groups of AIFO with 701 AIFO members. Addresses of individual AIFO groups are available on its Italian website. Some of AIFO groups are formal organizations registered locally while others are informal organizations.

AIFO is recognized by Italian Ministry of Education as an organization competent for organising training on inter-cultural issues for school teachers. AIFO organises regular activities of development education for its group members, for school teachers and for general public.

Development Education activities in Italy are carried out by individual AIFO groups in their schools and communities with some support from AIFO head-office.

Some of the more significant activities in 2016 included the following: organisation of a Summer Camp, Study Visits for young people to Porto Nacional (Brazil), Project Ria-Culture supporting a community library in Korogocho (Nairobi, Kenya), and organization the March of Peace.

You can find more information about the Development Education activities of Aifo in its annual reports.


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