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In Italy, Aifo organises activities of Development Education. These activities are organised through the different Aifo groups spread all over Italy.

Aifo is a grassroots organization with members spread all over Italy. In 2016, there were 43 official groups of AIFO with 701 AIFO members. Addresses of individual AIFO groups are available on its Italian website. Some of AIFO groups are formal organizations registered locally while others are informal organizations.

AIFO is recognized by Italian Ministry of Education as an organization competent for organising training on inter-cultural issues for school teachers. AIFO organises regular activities of development education for its group members, for school teachers and for general public.

Development Education activities in Italy are carried out by individual AIFO groups in their schools and communities with some support from AIFO head-office.

Some of the more significant activities in 2016 included the following: organisation of a Summer Camp, Study Visits for young people to Porto Nacional (Brazil), Project Ria-Culture supporting a community library in Korogocho (Nairobi, Kenya), and organization the March of Peace.

You can find more information about the Development Education activities of Aifo in its annual reports.


Aifo Annual Monitoring Forms

All projects receiving funds and other support from Aifo are asked to complete the Annual Monitoring forms. The information collected from all the projects is complied annually for Aifo’s Annual Social Balance.

The monitoring forms serve to collect common minimum basic information from all projects and thus usually miss the more specific information. For this reason, apart from the monitoring forms, all projects are expected to provide descriptive reports, data and images to provide a more complete picture of their activities and their impact.

Aifo’s annual monitoring forms have been updated in December 2017. Therefore, all projects which received funds and other support from Aifo during 2017 are asked to download these new forms and not use the older forms. If you have any difficulties in downloading these new forms contact the Project Manager in Aifo office in Bologna.

The forms do not include B5 (administrative information), for which the old forms remain valid. Remember to send the completed forms to AIFO latest by 15 March.

Project Monitoring forms

B1 Form: For Projects involved in treatment of leprosy (EnglishItalianoPortuguese)

B2 Form: For Projects involved in prevention, care and rehabilitation of disabilities and other complications of leprosy (EnglishItalianoPortuguese)

B3 Form: For Community-based Inclusive Development (CBID) and Community-based Rehabilitation (CBR) projects (EnglishItalianoPortuguese)

B4 Form: For Primary Health Care, General Health Care and Community Health projects (EnglishItalianoPortuguese)

B6 Form: For children Projects (EnglishItalianoPortuguese)


Project Reports Archive

Some reports of AIFO supported projects from past few years are available for download. All the files are in PDF format and all links open in a new window. All the reports are in the country languages – for example, the reports from Brazil are in Portuguese while reports from India are in English.

Reports from 2016



Reports in Portuguese



Reports from 2015

2014 Reports

Check Recent Reports from Aifo Projects


Recent Project Reports

Reports from Projects

Some recent reports from AIFO supported projects are presented. The reports are subdivided according to the language (English & Portuguese). All reports are in PDF format and all links open in a new window.

Reports in English

Reports in Portuguese

Check the archive of AIFO Project Reports from previous years


Research Reports

Often, in community programmes supported by AIFO, there is a research component, especially participatory and emancipatory research. Some recent reports of significant research projects are presented. All the reports are in PDF format and all links open in a new window.

Emancipatory research in West Bank, Palestine

A CBID programme in West Bank focusing on women with disabilities, managed by Italian NGO “Educaid”, was carried out in 2014-16. Aifo was involved in this project for carrying out a specific component related to emancipatory disability research (EDR). Reports of this research are provided here (2017):

Community Mental Health Network in China

The second phase of a community mental health network programme was carried out in four provinces of China during 2014-16. Following reports of this project are provided (2017):

Inclusion, Disability, International Cooperation – The Italian Development Cooperation Experience 2009-2014

Disability and Development – A new publication from RIDS (Italian Disability Network)

  • Disability and Development – A publication from RIDS (Italian Disability Network) of which AIFO is a member, on the inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in the International Development Cooperation (2015)

Final Report of the multi-country project that looked at increasing awareness about mental health issues in the CBR programmes in Mongolia, Indonesia and Liberia and at the human rights of persons with mental illness in a prison of Salvador (Brazil)

Impact of ten years of a Community-based Rehabilitation programme in Mandya district, India

A research on the Impact of ten years of a CBR programme covering Mandya district in south Karnataka in India was carried out in 2009-10 in collaboration with University of Florence (Italy) and London school of Child Health (UK). A publication presenting the main results of this research is available for download.