Aifo’s Vision and Mission

AIFO’s vision is to promote activities that contribute to building and spreading of a “civilization of love”.

AIFO’s mission is to support cooperation, which promotes self-development of people and carries out specific programmes in social and health areas:

In poor areas of the developing world

In the poor areas of developing world, the target groups of AIFO’s activities are “the excluded persons”, especially persons affected with leprosy, persons with disabilities and marginalized groups of persons. Through the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, especially leprosy, through support to primary health care and through the promotion of physical, social and mental rehabilitation , especially of those at social risks,  AIFO wishes to promote inclusion, so that those who are “excluded” can become active citizens by reacquiring dignity and equality.

We wish that those who are excluded become the starting point of community-building.

In rich areas of the world

AIFO works through groups. The focus of the groups’ activities are “all the persons” of the society, with special attention towards young people, in order to create awareness and stimulate their conscience against the culture of indifference, greed, violence, fear and selfishness. AIFO wishes to promote a
society of human beings who believe in solidarity, who are respectful towards
diversity, who are sensitive to the problems of the “excluded persons”, who are willing to commit themselves to experiences of voluntarism, and are thus knowledgeable citizens.